RNA processing Mnemonic

In Eukaryotes, there are 3 RNA Polymerases.

RNA Polymerase I → rRNA.

RNA Polymerase II → mRNA.

RNA Polymerase III → tRNA.

Alphabetically r, s (m), t.

Eukaryotes have Split genes.

Processing of RNA occurs in 3 steps:

 1. Splicing: removal of introns and joining of exons.

              EXons EXpressed, INtrons IN the trash.

2. Capping: addition of methylguanosine phosphate caps at 5′ end.
 3. Tailing: poly-adenylation occurs at 3′ end.

 Alphabetically and Numerically

  • 3 & A comes first, so A at 3′ end.

  • 5 & G comes later so G at 5′end.

RNA processing

Also, read Transcription


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