Reproduction in flowering plants MCQS 1


Question #1: A dicotyledonous plant bears flowers but never produces fruits & seeds. The most probable cause for the above situation is

Question #2: Chemotrophic movement of pollen tube towards the micropyle of the ovule in many cases attributed to the presence of

Question #3: In a fertilized embryo sac, the haploid, diploid & triploid structures are

Question #4: Egg apparatus consists of

Question #5: In flowering plants, endosperm

Question #6: In a flower, if megaspore mother cell forms megaspores without meiosis & one of it develops into the embryo sac, its nuclei would be

Question #7: What is the correct statement for pollination in Zostera?

Question #8: Male & female plants are not separate in case of

Question #9: What will be the ploidy of endosperm & zygote if octaploid male plant is crossed with decaploid female plant?

Question #10: The process in which haploid embryo is formed from haploid egg without fertilization is called

Question #11: What would be the number of chromosomes in the cells of the aleurone layer in a plant with 8 chromosomes in its synergids?

Question #12: Maize grain is

Question #13: Embryo sac is

Question #14: Tapetum is found in

Question #15: Two devices to prevent inbreeding in hermaphrodite flowers is all, except


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