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Protein Synthesis – Mnemonic.

by Ramneet Kaur

Protein Synthesis – Mnemonic

Protein synthesis occurs with the help of Ribosomes. They consist of 2 subunits :
  • In Eukaryotes: 40S + 60S → 80S (Even).
  • In Prokaryotes: 30S + 50S → 70S (Odd).


A Ribosome has 3 sites:


  • A site = incoming Aminoacyl-tRNA.
  • P site = growing Peptide chain.
  • E site = holds Empty tRNA as its Exits.


Messenger RNA acts as the template for protein synthesis.

messenger RNA

Initiation codon on mRNA.

  • AUG → inAUGurates protein synthesis.

Termination codons on mRNA:

  • UAAU Are Away.
  • UAGU Are Gone.
  • UGAU Go Away.


Amino acid attachment arm has a C C A sequence by the help of which it forms ester bond with amino acid.

C C A Can Carry Amino acid.

Also read about “Types of RNA“.


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