Plant physiology MCQs 1


#1 Callus exposed to low auxin and moderate cytokinin concentration will result in

#2 On girdling which part of the plant will die first?

#3 In ripening fruit, photosynthetic chloroplast becomes non-photosynthetic

#4 Gibberellins are known to break dormancy in cereal seeds. This is due to the secretion of

#5 Respiratory quotient of carbohydrates with associated organic acid synthesis is

#6 In an experiment, the carbon dioxide available to a C3 was labelled with a radioactive isotope and the amount of radioactivity in the chloroplast was measured. As photosynthesis proceeded, in which of the following molecules did the radioactivity first appears?

#7 The region where a plant organ is wounded shows

#8 Mohl’s half leaf experiment is to prove that

#9 When light strikes chlorophyll molecules in a photosynthetically active chloroplast, they lose electrons. What is the ultimate source of replacement of electrons?

#10 Under conditions of high atmospheric humidity, hardly any Calcium is transported to developing fruits, this is caused by



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