Plant anatomy MCQs 2

Question #1: Water containing cavities in vascular bundles are found in

Question #2: Tunic corpus theory is connected with

Question #3: Pith and cortex do not differentiate in

Question #4: Death of protoplasm is a pre-requisite for a vital function like.

Question #5: Cork cambium and vascular cambium are

Question #6: Monocot leaves possess

Question #7: Which exposed wood will decay faster?

Question #8:  Which of the following plant cells will show totipotency

Question #9: As a tree grows older, which of the following increases more rapidly in thickness?

Question #10: Which of the following meristems is responsible for extrastelar secondary growth in dicotyledonous stem?

Question #11: Axillary bud and terminal bud derived from the activity of

Question #12: For a critical study of secondary growth in plants, which one of the following pairs is suitable?

Question #13: Piliferous layer of root is actually

Question #14: Match column I with column II Tissue function (1) Parenchyma (A) Increase in length of plants (2) Lateral meristem (B) Increase in nodal region (3) Apical meristem (C) support, protection, storage (4) Intercalary meristem (D) Increase in diameter of trunk

Question #15: A piece of wood having no vessels (trachea) must be belong to

Question #16: Interfascicular cambium and cork cambium are formed due to

Question #17: Match the followings and choose the correct option from below A. Meristem i. Photosynthesis, storage B. Parenchyma ii. mechanical support C. Collenchyma iii. Actively dividing cells D. Sclerenchyma iv. Stomata E. Epidermal tissue v. sclereids

Question #18: Which of the following is not a lateral meristem?

Question #19: Parenchyma just inside phloem start to become meristematic when cambium formation begins in

Question #20: Which of these statements are correct? 1. Epidermis and cortex of monocot root are similar to those of dicot root. 2. Hypodermis of dicot stem consists of sclerenchyma cells. 3. The cells of bundle sheath in maize leaf serves as temporary storage cells 4. The dicot leaf is hypostomatic Correct option is


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