Plant anatomy MCQs 1


Question #1: The living tissue that provides support to the growing parts of the plant, is

Question #2: With reference to bark, which one of the following statements is false?

Question #3: Major part of wood of old dicot stem is filled with tannins, resins and gums. This part is called

Question #4: In the stelar evolution, the type of stele that is highly evolved is

Question #5: The major function of sieve tubes in plants, is

Question #6: Both phloem sieve tubes and xylem vessels are derived from same kind of precursor cell, but at maturity they are very different. What feature is unique to phloem sieve tubes?

Question #7: Which combination of characterstics of a vessel element are most important for water movement in the xylem?

Question #8: Pericycle of roots is the site of origin of

Question #9: The living and non-lignified component of vascular bundles are

Question #10: Cell division typically occurs only in the meristematic regions of plants. In which region would cell division not occur?

Question #11: The vascular cambium normally gives rise to:

Question #12: Root hairs develop from the region of:

Question #13: The balloon shaped structures called tyloses

Question #14: Cortex is the region found between

Question #15: Tell the correct order of the components with reference to their arrangement from the outer side to inner side in a woody dicot stem (i) secondary cortex (ii) wood (iii) secondary phloem (iv) phellem The correct order is

Question #16: Vascular bundles in monocotyledons are considered closed because

Question #17: A major characteristic of the monocot root is the presence of

Question #18: You are given a fairly old piece of dicot stem and a dicot root. Which of the following anatomical structures will you use to distinguish between the two?

Question #19: Interfascicular cambium develops from the cells of

Question #20: Match the following and choose the correct option from below A. Cuticle i. guard cells B. Bulliform cells ii. single layer C. Stomata iii. waxy layer D. Epidermis iv. empty colourless cell Correct answer is


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