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Photosynthesis MCQs

by Ramneet Kaur

Photosynthesis Mcqs

Q1) Choose the correct combinations of labeling the carbohydrate molecule involved in the Calvin cycle.


(a)    (i) RuBP  (ii) Triose phosphate  (iii) PGA

(b)    (i) PGA  (ii) RuBP  (iii) Hexose phosphate


(c)    (i) PGA  (ii) Triose Phosphate  (iii) RuBP

(d)    (i) RuBP  (ii) PGA  (iii) Hexose phosphate

Q2) Which of the following photosynthetic characteristics are present in C3 plants but not in C4 plants? 

  1. CO2 compensation point of 0-10 ppm
  2. Relatively higher rate of Photorespiratory CO2 evolution
  3. Presence of well-developed bundle sheath
  4. Initial involvement of RUBP carboxylase in CO2 assimilation.

Select the correct answer using the codes given below : 

(a)    I, II, III 

(b)    I, II, IV 

(c)    I, III 

(d)    II, IV


Q3) Go through the following figure and select the option which reflects the correct labeling :

(a)  (1) Photosystem II; (2) Cytochromes b & f; (3) Photosystem I; (4) Thylakoid membrane(5)Fo; (6) F1

(b)  (1) Photosystem I; (2) Cytochromes b & f; (3) Photosystem II; (4) Thylakoid membrane; (5) Fo; (6) F1

(c)  (1)Photosystem II; (2) Cytochromes b & f; (3) Photosystem I; (4) Thylakoid membrane; (5) F1; (6) Fo

(d)  (1) Cytochromes b & f; (2) Photosystem I; (3) Photosystem II; (4) Chloroplast membrane; (5) Fo; (6) F1.

Q4) In what respects are the photosynthetic adaptations of C4 plants and CAM plants similar?

(a) In both cases, the stomata normally close during the day 

(b) Both types of plants make their sugar without the Calvin-Benson cycle 

(c) In both cases, an enzyme other than rubisco carries out the first step in carbon fixation

(d) Neither C4 plants nor CAM plants have grana in their chloroplasts


Q5) Read the following four statements, A, B, C, and D and select the right option having both correct statements. 

(A)  Z scheme of light reaction takes place in presence of PSI only.

(B)  Only PSI is functional in cyclic Photophosphorylation.

(C)  Cyclic Photophosphorylation results into synthesis of ATP and NADPH2

(D) Stroma lamellae lack PS II as well as NADP.

Options : 

(a)    B and D 

(b)    A and B 

(c)    B and C 

(d)    C and D


Q6) Go through the following figure and find out the option which reflects the correct labeling :


(a)  (1) RuBP; (2) Plasmodesmata; (3) C4 acid; (4) C3 acid; (5) Bundle sheath cell; (6)Mesophyll cell

(b)  (1) Phosphoenolpyruvate; (2) Plasmodesmata; (3) C3 acid; (4) C4 acid; (5) Mesophyll cell; (6) Bundle sheath cell

(c)  (1) Phosphoenolpyruvate; (2) Plasmodesmata; (3) C4 acid; (4) C3 acid; (5) Mesophyll cell; (6) Bundle sheath cell

(d)  (1) RuBP; (2) Plasmodesmata; (3) C4 acid; (4) C3 acid; (5) Mesophyll cell; (6) Bundle sheath cell

Q7) The correct sequence of flow of electrons in the light reaction is

a) PSII, Plastoquinone, cytochromes PSI, ferredoxin

b) PSI, Plastoquinone, cytochromes, PSII, ferredoxin

c) PSI, ferredoxin, PSII

d) PSI, plastoquinone, cytochromes, PSII, ferredoxin


Q8) Make suitable pairs 

  1. Emerson effect             a.    C4 cycle 
  2. Hill reaction                 b.    Photolysis 
  3. Calvin cycle                  c.    C3 cycle 
  4. Hatch-Slack cycle         d.    Photosystem I and II


(a)    Aa, Ba, Cc, Dd 

(b)    Aa, Bc, Cd, Da

(c)    Ac, Bd, Ca, Db 

(d)    Ad, Bb, Cc, Da


Q9) When six molecules of CO2 enter the Calvin cycle, how many molecules of 3-phospho-glyceraldehyde are used up to regenerate the CO2 acceptor? 

(a)    Ten 

(b)    Eight 

(c)    Six 

(d)    Four


Q10) Emerson’s enhancement effect and Red drop have been instrumental in the discovery of:

a) Oxidative phosphorylation

b) Photophosphorylation & noncyclic electron transport

c) Two photosystems operating simultaneously

d) Photophosphorylation and cyclic electron transport



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