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NEET Biology MCQs 1

by Ramneet Kaur

NEET Biology MCQs 1


#1 Deficiency of molybdenum causes

#2 The reaction rate of salivary amylase on starch decreases as the concentration of chloride is reduced. Which of the following describes the role of the chloride ions?

#3 Apical dominance in plants is caused by

#4 What is antisense technology?

#5 A hormone which will increase blood sugar while increasing cardiac output is

#6 Pneumatophores are characteristic of plants growing in

#7 Human eyes have a lots of glands, which are prone to infection. Which modified gland causes style or external hordeolum?

#8 Biosystematics is

#9 Cichlid fish became extinct due to alien species in the Lake Victoria, the alien species was

#10 Identify the correct sequence of genes in an operon.

#11 Two chromatin fibre per chromosome is present in

#12 Which of the following statement is not correct?

#13 Choose the correct statements? 1) Cnidarians exhibit polymorphism 2) Hydrozoa is distinguished from other coelenterates by interstitial cells. 3) Coelenterates differ from other animals in having namatocysts. 4) Polyphase is absent in Hydra.

#14 Meristem culture is practised in horticulture. This technique is used to get

#15 Choose the correct pair:

#16 The two molecules of pyruvate are completely degraded in Kreb’s cycle to form how many molecules of ATP, NADH & FADH respectively?

#17 Biodiversity is very important to sustain the ecological balance. The most significant cause of biodiversity loss is

#18 Proteinaceous hormones secreted by ovaries is/are: 1) Progesterone 2) Follicle stimulating hormone 3) Relaxin

#19 According to Darwin’s theory of natural selection Australian marsupials is an example of which phenomenon?

#20 Which one of the following is an example of recapitulation theory?

#21 Blood pressure is the pressure of systolic and diastolic pressure. In which part of brain, reflexes for blood pressure are present?

#22 Which of the following statements are correct? 1) In angiosperms meiosis occurs when pollen grains are formed. 2) The number of microsporangia present in the anther are four. 3) The chemical nature of the compound forming exine is suberin & fats. 4) Filiform apparatus is located at the tip of megasporangium.

#23 Mostly tight junctions are present between

#24 Double trisomy have genomic constitution of

#25 The correct sequence of water flow into body of Sycon and out of it is

#26 In diabetes mellitus the blood sugar level increases. Which one of these is not a symptom of diabetes mellitus?

#27 Life cycle of Funaria is not completed without water. Choose the correct statement:

#28 Which of the following statement is not correct?

#29 Genetic recombination is the process of exchange of chromosomal part between two chromosomes. Genetic recombination between homologous chromosomes is facilitated by

#30 In a woody dicotyledenous tree, which of the following parts will mainly consist of primary tissues?


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