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Genetics – Principles of inheritance MCQs 1

by Ramneet Kaur


#1 Plants from true breeding line with round and yellow (both dominant) seeds were crossed with plants with wrinkled and green (both recessive) seeds to get dihybrid plants. Plants from generation that would give progeny identical to themselves are :

#2 A woman married for the second time. Her first husband was of blood type ‘A’, and her child by that marriage was of type ‘A’. Her second husband is of type – ‘B’ and their child is of type ‘AB’ . What is not the woman’s blood group ?

#3 A test cross of AaBbCC produces how many phenotypes?

#4 A tobacco plant heterozygous for recessive trait of albinism is selfed and 1200 seeds are obtained. How many seedlings obtained from such seeds will have Parent genotype?

#5 Selection will not eliminate a lethal recessive gene from a large population because

#6 An individual homozygous for genes cd is crossed with wild type and the F1 crossed back with the double recessive. The appearance of the offspring is as follows: ++ 903, cd 897, +d 98, C+102,Total: 2000. The distance between the genes c and d is :

#7 A pair of genes are linked if their recombination frequency in test cross is

#8 A color blind boy has 2 sisters. One color blind and one not color blind. What can be the possible nature of their parents?

#9 In a cross between a pure tall pea plant with green pod and a pure short plant with yellow pod, how many short plants out of 16 you would expect in F2 generation?

#10 HbA and HbS alleles of normal and sickle cell haemoglobin are

#11 In an experiment, AaBb(F1) was test crossed with aabb. In the progeny, genotypes Aabb, were more frequent that AaBb and aabb. The genotypes of the parents of F1 should be

#12 The frequency of crossing over between any two linked genes is :

#13 Auto triploids are obtained by

#14 The formation of multivalent at meiosis in a diploid organism is due to

#15 The polygenic genes show

#16 Due to the cross between TTRr x ttrr the resultant progenies show that percent of tall, red flowered plants ?

#17 A male human is heterozygous for autosomal genes A and B and is also hemizygous for hemophilic gene ‘h’. what proportion of his sperms will be ‘abh’ ?

#18 In a cross between AaBbCcDdEe & aaBbccDdee. How many progeny show phenotypic resemblance with 1st parent?

#19 Endosperm of an angiosperm has 36 chromosomes. How many linkage group does it contain?

#20 In F2 generation, a ratio of 1 : 4 : 6 : 4 : 1 is obtained instead of 9 : 3 : 3 : 1, when two pairs of genes are considered, it indicates

#21 According to Chromosome Theory of Linkage of Morgan and Castle (1912)

#22 At a particular locus, frequency of ‘A’ allele is 0.6 and that of ‘a’ is 0.4. What would be the frequency of heterozygotes in a random mating population at equilibrium?

#23 If the frequency of a dominant phenotype in a stable population is 75%, the frequency of recessive allele in that population would be :

#24 If A and a show incomplete dominance while B and b show complete dominance. What will be the ratio of the cross AaBb X AaBb ?

#25 A man and a woman each carry the allele for phenylketonuria, an inborn error of metabolism. If the couple has a normal child, without phenylketonuria, what is the probability this child is a carrier of the disease?



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