Genetics-Principles of Inheritance MCQs


#1 HbA and HbS alleles of normal and sickle cell haemoglobin are

#2 Which of the following changes to a DNA molecule is least likely to result in a deleterious mutation?

#3 Sometimes chromosome number increases or decreases due to

#4 Which one of the following conditions in humans is correctly matched with its chromosomal abnormality/linkage?

#5 The polygenic genes show

#6 Sickle cell anaemia is due to substitution in which

#7 In pea plants, the long-stem trait (L) is dominant and the short-stem trait is recessive. Two pea plants were crossed, producing seeds that yielded 165 long-stem plants and 54 short-stem plants. The genotypes of the parent plants were most likely

#8 If gene frequency between genes a and c is 2%, b and c is 13%, a and b 15%, c and d 17% and a and d 19% , what will be the sequence of these genes in a chromosome

#9 Multiple alleles occur on:

#10 A haemophilic male marries a normal woman, whose father is also a haemophilic. It is expected that

#11 Which one of the following individuals can 16 different gametes?

#12 If you cross a diploid individual that is homozygous recessive for a given trait with a heterozygous diploid individual, what is the probability of obtaining with the homozygous recessive phenotype?

#13 Which one of the following crosses show 3 : 1 ratio?

#14 A cross between a plant having genotype AaBb × aabb do not yield a ratio of 1 : 1: 1 : 1. What can we say?

#15 A man with blood group A marries a woman having blood group AB. Which of the following blood group in the progeny of this couple would show that the man is heterozygous?



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