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Genetics – Molecular basis of inheritance MCQs 1

by Ramneet Kaur



#1 If there are 999 bases in an RNA that codes for a protein with 333 amino acids, and the base at position 901 is deleted such that the length of the RNA becomes 998 bases, how many codons will be altered ?

#2 The association of histone H1 with a nucleosome indicates:

#3 During DNA replication, Okazaki fragments are used to elongate:

#4 Which of the following rRNAs acts as structural RNA as well as ribozyme in bacterial cell

#5 DNA-dependent RNA polymerase catalyzes transcription on the strand of the DNA which is called the

#6 In tRNA, CCA sequence is found at 3′ end and G at 5′ end. This CCA group is

#7 What chemical groups are at the end of polynucleotide ?

#8 Which of the following is translated completely ? (A) AUG UGA UUA AAG AAA (B) AUG AUA UUG CCC UGA (C) AGU UCC AGA CUC UAA (D) AUG UAC AGU AAC UAG

#9 Assuming that the method of protein synthesis remained the same, what would be the number of nucleotide sequences in a codon, if evolution had so progressed that instead of the twenty odd amino acids, there were 96 amino acids and instead of 4 nitrogen bases, there were 12 nitrogen bases?

#10 In in a test tube m-RNA of Rhizobium, t-RNAs from pancreas of goat and r-RNA from sunflower are taken and sufficient number of amino acids and ATP are put, then the polypeptide synthesized will be of the nature of



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