Genetics MCQs 1


#1 In carnations, genes that code for flower colour show an incomplete dominance relationship. Red flowers crossed with white flowers yield pink flowers. What is the expected distribution of progeny from a cross between a pink-flowered parent and a red-flowered parent?

#2 alpha-thalassemia is due to defective genes on chromosome

#3 Turner’s syndrome does not occur in males because

#4 During cell division, mitochondria

#5 Sickle cell anemia was developed in Negroes as an adaptation against Malaria. It is due to substitution

#6 Which statements about genetic disorders in humans are correct? 1. The frequency of the allele for sickle cell anaemia is higher in native populations of wet, tropical countries because carriers have a better chance of surviving malaria. 2. Colour blindness is rare in females because the condition is recessively inherited and the gene is sex linked. 3. Down syndrome occurs when three copies of chromosome 21 are present. 4. Aneuploidies, such as Down syndrome, results from errors in DNA replication during the S phase. 5. Sperm containing a Y chromosome fertilizing an ovum (egg) that contains no sex chromosome results in a spontaneous abortion.

#7 The innate tendency of offspring to resemble their parents is called

#8 Who introduced the term “Nucleic Acid”?

#9 Which ratio is constant for DNA in a species?

#10 On which one of the following features of nucleic acids does protein synthesis in the cell ultimately depends?




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