Evolution: The geological time scale – Mnemonic

 Evolution: The geological time scale


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  • Precambrian (the era of early life).

  • Paleozoic (the era of ancient life).

  • Mesozoic (age of reptiles & gymnosperms).

  • Cenozoic: (age of mammals & angiosperms).


Camels often sit down carefully, perhaps their joints creak.

  • Cambrian,

  • Ordovician (the age of invertebrates),

  • Silurian,

  • Devonian (the age of fishes, abundance of tree ferns),

  • Carboniferous (the age of amphibians, 1st seed plants appeared),

  • Permian (origin of conifers),

  • Triassic,

  • Jurassic (the age of reptiles, dominance of gymnosperms),

  • Cretaceous (dominance of flowering plants).

 EPOCHS of the Cenozoic era:

Cenozoic: age of mammals & angiosperms.

Put Eggs On My Plate, Please Honey.

  • Paleocene,

  • Eocene,

  • Oligocene,

  • Miocene,

  • Pliocene,

  • Pleistocene,

  • Holocene:

Present day: Phanerozoic Eon, Cenozoic Era, Quaternary Period, Holocene Epoch.


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