by Ramneet Kaur

Evolution MCQs 1

#1 Oparin and Haldane proposed that the first form of life could have come from pre-existing ___A____ organic molecules and that formation of life was preceded by ___B____:

#2 Golden age of fish was

#3 Find the correct match

#4 Disturbance in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium i.e., change of frequency of alleles in a population would then be interpreted as resulting in:

#5 How many of the following set of mammals show convergent evolution? Mouse – Marsupial mouse, Mole – Marsupial mole, Lemur – Anteater, Numbat – Spotted cuscus, Bobcat – Koala, Flying squirrel – Flying phalanger.

#6 Presence of extra long and pointed canine teeth is an example of

#7 “Founder effect” is related to

#8 Excess use of herbicides, pesticides has only resulted in selection of resistant varieties in much lesser time scale. These are examples of evolution by action of

#9 A zoologist carefully observed the mouth parts of honeybee, butterfly, mosquito and cockroach. He found that all these insects have similar basic pattern of mouth parts. What can we conclude from this?

#10 Survival of Australian pouched mammals can be best explained by

#11 Choose the correct option: A) About 20mya, Dryopithecous and Ramapithecous primates were existing. B) Ramapithecous were more ape-like while Dryopithecous were more man-like. C) 2 mya Australopithecines probabaly lived near central and east Asia. D) Homo habilis probably did not eat meat.

#12 Homology shows



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