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Cytology MCQs 1

by Ramneet Kaur


#1 The endoplasmic reticulum acts as a transporting system. Choose the correct path of transport of substances

#2 Carbohydrate molecules are attached to lipid and protein molecules of cell membrane. These carbohydrate molecules are usually

#3 Which one of the following is wrong:

#4 Cytoskeleton is made up of:

#5 Which one of the following is not considered as a part of the endomembrane system?

#6 Which one of the following is an organelle within an organelle?

#7 Microtubules are the constituents of

#8 Which of the following statements are correct for mammalian cell membranes? 1). There are two phospholipid layers coated by a layer of proteins. 2). They contain cholesterol to moderate fluidity. 3). They are supported on the inner cellular layer by a thin peptose layer.

#9 Which statement is false?

#10 The statement “All biological catalysts are proteins” is no more valid because of the discovery of


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