Cranial nerves – Mnemonics

Cranial nerves Mnemonics:

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12 Pairs of cranial nerves (CN):

CN (I). Olfactory: Sensory: sense of smell.

CN (II). Optic: Sensory: sight.

CN (III). Oculomotor: Motor: eye movement.

CN (IV). Trochlear: Motor: eye movement.

CN (V). Trigeminal: Both: sensation in face & chewing.

CN (VI). Abducens: Motor: eye movement.

CN (VII). Facial: Both: face expression & taste.

CN (VIII). Vestibulocochlear: Sensory: hearing & balance.

CN (IX). Glossopharyngeal: Both: secretion of saliva, taste & swallowing.

CN (X). Vagus: Both: autonomic functions of heart, lungs &   digestive tract.

CN (XI). Accessory: Motor: head, neck & shoulder.

CN (XII). Hypoglossal: Motor: tongue movement.

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