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Cell Cycle and Cell Division MCQs 2

by Ramneet Kaur

Cell Cycle and Cell Division MCQs 2


#1 In mitosis, the daughter cells resemble their parent cell. But in meiosis, they differ not only from parent cell in having half the number of chromosomes, but also differ among themselves qualitatively in genetic constitution due to….

#2 Select the incorrectly matched pair.

#3 The number of meiotic divisions required to produce 400 grains is…..

#4 A bivalent consists of

#5 Segregation of Mendelian factors (Aa) occurs during … …

#6 Match the following : Column-I Column-II (A) Cytokinesis (i) Reformation of nuclear Membrane and Golgi body (B) Metaphase (ii) Synthesis of RNA and protein (C) Telophase (iii) Centromeres of chromosomes are arranged on equatorial plate. (D) Interphase (iv) Contraction of cell membrane starts

#7 Passage through which checkpoint is the step which commits the cell to proceed through to mitosis and cell division?

#8 Which is not characteristic of meiosis … …

#9 Match the following : Column-I Column-II (A) Prophase-I (i) Chromosomes move toward one plane along with centromere. (B) Metaphase-II (ii) Half the number of chromosomes in seen (C) Anaphase-I (iii) Longest phase of meiosis-I (D) Telophase-I (iv) Two nuclei are seen

#10 Diploid chromosome number being 8, what shall be the number of chromatids in each daughter after meiosis I

#11 A somatic cell that has just completed the S phase of its life cycle, as compared to gametes of the same species , has………………

#12 During which phase of cell cycle, amount of DNA in a cell remains at 4C, if the initial amount is denoted as 2C?

#13 Select the correct option with respect to mitosis

#14 Synaptinemal complex helps in

#15 At diakinesis, a meiocyte has ten pairs of chromosomes. The chromosome number expected in each nucleus is,

#16 Synaptinemal complex is visible from

#17 At which stage does cytokinesis typically starts?

#18 During a cell cycle the transition from G1 to S phase and from G2 to M phase requires the activation of which of the following?

#19 Which statement about mitosis is false?

#20 Arrange the following events of meiosis in proper order 1 terminalisation of chiasmata 2 crossing over 3 synapsis 4 disjunction of chromosomes 5 dissolution of synaptinemal complex




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