Krebs Cycle/ TCA Cycle – Mnemonic

Krebs Cycle -mnemonic  Citrate is Krebs’ Starting Substrate For Making Oxaloacetate. Citric acid, Isocitric acid Ketoglutaric acid, Succinyl-CoA, Succinic acid, Fumaric acid, Malic acid, Oxaloacetic acid. To Understand what happens to end products of TCA Cycle/ Krebs Cycle, Read Electron Transport Chain(ETC). ALSO, WATCH Glycolysis Mnemonic, Electron Transport Chain.  

Electron transport chain (ETC)

Electron Transport Chain Electrons from NADH and FADH2 are passed through a series of electron acceptors present in the inner membrane of mitochondria. 2 NADH produced during glycolysis, 2 NADH, produced during pyruvic acid oxidation, & 6 NADH AND 2 FADH2, produced during Kreb cycle. Four enzyme complexes of ETC Complex …