Biotechnology MCQs 1


Question #1: During gel electrophoresis, where will you find the smallest segments of DNA?

Question #2: Plasmids are suitable vectors for gene cloning because

Question #3: Electrophoresis & Southern blotting are used in

Question #4: GAATTC is the recognition site for which restriction endonuclease?

Question #5: Which is not correctly matched?

Question #6: The colonies of recombinant bacteria appear white in contrast to blue colonies of non-recombinant bacteria because of

Question #7: A drug obtained through genetic engineering and useful for treating infertility is

Question #8: Silencing of mRNA has been used to produce plants resistant to

Question #9: Which is correctly matched?

Question #10: Which is true? a) Biowar is the use of biological weapons against humans or their crops and animals. b) Bioethics is the unauthorised use of bioresources & traditional knowledge related to bioresources for commercial benefits. c) Biopatent is exploitation of bioresources of other nations without proper authorisation.


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