Assertions and Reasons for AIIMS


#1 Assertion: The fungi are widespread in distribution and they even live on or inside other plants & animals. Reason: Fungi are able to grow anywhere on land, water or on other organisms because they have a variety of pigments, including chlorophyll, carotenoids fucoxanthin & phycoerythrin.

#2 Assertion: Sporophyte in Funaria is semi-parasitic on gametophyte. Reason: Spore forms secondary protonema in Funaria.

#3 Assertion: Mitochondria & Chloroplasts are semi-autonomous organelles. Reason: They are formed by division of pre-existing organelles as well as contain DNA but lack protein synthesizing machinery.

#4 Assertion: Plants possessing C4-pathway of carbon fixation have a higher net primary productivity than the C3-pathway possessing plants. Reason: For each unit weight of fixed carbon, C4-pathway possessing plants require less water than the C3-pathway possessing plants.

#5 Assertion: The mRNA attaches itself to the ribosome via its 3′ end. Reason: The mRNA has nucleotides and bases of lagging sequences.

#6 Assertion: Wobbling reduces the number of tRNA required for polypeptide synthesis. Reason: tRNA anticodon has the ability to wobble at 5′ end by pairing with even non-complementary base of mRNA codon.

#7 Assertion: Virus-free plants can be produced from virus infected plants by means of meristem culture. Reason: The virus fails to grow during the growth of host tissue.

#8 Assertion: Deforestation is one main factor contributing to global warming. Reason: Besides CO2, two gases methane & CFCs are also included under green house gases.

#9 Assertion: Mast cells in the human body release excessive amounts of inflammatory chemicals which cause allergic reactions. Reason: Allergens in the environment on reaching human body stimulate mast cells in certain individuals.

#10 Assertion: Organ transplantation patients are given immunosuppressive drugs. Reason: Transplanted tissue has antigens which stimulate the specific immune response of the recipient.




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