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Assertion and Reasons for AIIMS MCQs 2

by Ramneet Kaur

Assertion and Reasons for AIIMS MCQs 2


#1 Assertion: Human protein (alpha-1-trypsin) is used to treat emphysema. Reason: Cigarette smoking inhibits the action of alpha-1-trypsin.

#2 Assertion: The SCID patient can be cured by introduction of gene coding for ADA, into their lymphocytes with the help of retrovirus. Reason: The lymphocytes produced by these cells contain functional ADA gene & reactivate the victim’s immune system for life.

#3 Assertion: LSD and marijuana are clinically used as analgesics. Reason: Both these drugs suppress brain function.

#4 Assertion: In recombinant DNA technology, human genes are often transferred into bacteria or yeast. Reason: Both bacteria & yeast multiply very fast to form huge populations which express the desired genes.

#5 Assertion: Agrobacterium tumefaciens is popular in genetic engineering because this bacterium is associated with the roots of all cereal & pulse crops. Reason: A gene incorporated in the bacterial chromosomal genome gets automatically transferred to the crop with which the bacterium is associated.

#6 Assertion: Acetylcholine participates in the nerve impulse transmission across a synapse. Reason: Acetylcholine is secreted by adrenergic fibres.

#7 Assertion: In the descending limb of Henle loop, the urine is hypertonic, while in the ascending loop, the urine is hypotonic. Reason: Descending limb is impermeable to Na ions, while ascending limb is impermeable to water.

#8 Assertion: Cartilage and bone are rigid connective tissues. Reason: Blood is connective tissue in which plasma is the matrix.

#9 Assertion: Ocean act as global sink for carbon dioxide. Reason: Maximum photosynthetic carbon dioxide reduction occurs by oceanic planktons.

#10 Assertion: Beads on string structure in chromatin is packaged to form chromatin fibers that are further coiled and condensed at metaphase to form chromosomes. Reason: Non-histone proteins are synthesized during metaphase only, these are essential for this higher level of packaging.


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