Assertion and Reason for AIIMS 3

Assertion and Reason for AIIMS 3

Question #1: Assertion: Coacervates are believed to be the precursors of life. Reason: Coacervates were self/duplicating aggregates of proteins surrounded by lipid molecules

Question #2: Assertion: UV/radiation causes photo-dissociation of ozone into O2 and O. Thus causing damage to the stratospheric ozone layer. Reason: Ozone hole is resulting in global warming and climate change.

Question #3: Assertion: A network of food chains existing together in an ecosystem is known as food web. Reason: An animal like kite cannot be apart of food web

Question #4: Assertion: Female gametophyte in angiosperm is eight nucleate. Reason: Double fertilization occurs in angiosperms.

Question #5: Assertion: Under condition of high light intensity and limited CO2 supply, photorespiration has a useful role in protecting the plants from photooxidative damage. Reason: If enough CO2 is not available to utilize light energy for carboxylation to proceed, the excess energy may not cause damage to plants.

Question #6: Assertion: Secondary growth in dicot roots occur with the help of vascular cambium and phellogen. Reason: Vascular cambium is formed from conjuctive parenchyma and part of pericycle

Question #7: Assertion: Tidal volume is the volume of air inspired or expired with the normal breath. Reason: Adult person contains 500 mL expired or inspired volumes of air with each normal breath.

Question #8: Assertion: Foetal disorders can be diagnosed by chorionic villi sampling. Reason: Karyotyping can be done for mitotically dividing cells of chorionic villi.

Question #9: Assertion: Consciousness is considered as the defining property of living organisms. Reason: All organisms, from the prokaryotes to the most complex eukaryotes can sense and respond to environmental stimuli

Question #10: Assertion: Reproductive isolation brings about sympatric speciation. Reason: It is the primary mode of speciation.

Answers: 1 D, 2 D, 3 C, 4 B, 5 A, 6 B, 7 A, 8 A, 9 A, 10 B.


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