Animal physiology MCQ 1



#1 In the mammalian kidney, what causes water to be reabsorbed in the descending limb of the loop of Henle?

#2 In the mammalian circulatory system, excess fluid remaining in tissue spaces (interstitial fluid) is:

#3 When you listen to a human heartbeat through a stethoscope, the softer “lubb” sound the heart makes is caused by which of the following actions?

#4 All of the following statements about a nerve impulse are true, except which one?

#5 Which one of the following statements about liver function is incorrect?

#6 Myocytes are cells that can beat independently, outside the body, if supplied with glucose and oxygen. Myocytes are cells from:

#7 Which of the following combinations of statements about muscle is correct? 1. Thick filaments are formed mainly from myosin. 2. Thin filaments are formed mainly from actin. 3. The H zone is formed by thick filaments alone. 4. The Z band lies in the centre of the I band. 5. Actinin holds actin filaments to the Z disc

#8 Which one of the statements below about the mammalian nervous system is correct?

#9 Which of the following are typical features of a neutrophil? 1. It is agranulocytic 2. Engulfs bacteria by phagocytosis 3. Is the most abundant white blood cell 4. Is the smallest white blood cell 5. Has a compact round nucleus

#10 A patient has symptoms of gigantism. After a series of tests, it is concluded that the patient most likely has a tumour on which of the following structures?


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