Animal kingdom Mnemonics 1

Animal Kingdom Mnemonics1



Examples: Spongilla, Euspongia, Sycon

Mnemonic: Sponges Pores? –  All Your Sides.
  • Pore – Porifera
  • All – Spongilla
  • Your – Euspongia,
  • Sides – Sycon.


Examples: Physalia, Obelia, Meandrina, Adamsia, Aurelia, Gorgonia, Pennatula, Hydra.

Mnemonic: Physics Objective exams Mein Adam Aur George Ne Pen Hide kiya.
  • Physics – Physalia
  • Objective – Obelia
  • Mein – Meandrina
  • Adam – Adamsia
  • Aur – Aurelia
  • George – Gorgonia
  • Ne – Cnidaria
  • Pen Pennatula
  • Hide – Hydra.


Examples: Taenia, Planaria, Fasciola.


Mnemonic: Teeno ki Planning Fail hui.
  • Teeno – Taenia
  • Planning – Planaria
  • Fail – Fasciola



  1. Anish Rajput

    Hii. .
    I’m dropper and in Aakash Janakpuri want to know that what to follow for aiims..
    Aakash package or NCERT is sufficient..
    Plz guide me as you were ex-aakashian.
    There r many extra stuffs in package of aakash of zoology and botany..
    What to follow.
    You can also recommend some reference book too

    1. Ramneet

      Hi… concentrate on ncert both old and new and practice assertion reason as much as possible… clear all concepts of ncert, examples and diagrams of ncert… no need of any reference book if your concepts are clear

  2. Anish Rajput

    Hii. .As you were an aakashian and very well known about package of aakash. .I want to know that r these extra stuffs given in Packages r going to help us in our neet and aiims exam respectively..
    &which book I should follow for assertion & reason practicing..
    And what’s the value of NCERT chem in neet exam..
    Thanks for your previous reply 😊😊

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