Trick to learn examples of Fabaceae

 A trick to learn examples of Fabaceae:

Examples: Pulses (Gram, Arhar, Sem, Moong), Soybean.

Edible oil: Soybean, Groundnut.

Dye: Indigofera.

Fibres: Sunhemp.

Fodder: Sesbania, Trifolium

Ornamentals: Lupin, Sweetpea.

Medicinal: Muliathi

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Photosynthesis MCQs

Photosynthesis Mcqs

Q1) Choose the correct combinations of labeling the carbohydrate molecule involved in the Calvin cycle.


(a)    (i) RuBP  (ii) Triose phosphate  (iii) PGA

(b)    (i) PGA  (ii) RuBP  (iii) Hexose phosphate

(c)    (i) PGA  (ii) Triose Phosphate  (iii) RuBP

(d)    (i) RuBP  (ii) PGA  (iii) Hexose phosphate

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Pedigree Analysis MCQs


Q 1)

In the above pedigree, find out of the following four:

  1. Autosomal Dominant
  2. Autosomal recessive
  3. X-linked dominant
  4. X-linked recessive

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